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Entrepreneurs who are able to create superior creativity and innovation as the basis for life, grow and generally have characteristics or traits that are long-term process based on experience and education. Some of the inherent characteristics of self-entrepreneur (Zimmerer, and Scarborough, 1998; Kuratko & Hoodgets, 2007) as follows:1. Desire for responsibilityEntrepreneurial superior feel personally responsible for the results of operations that he did. They're more in control of resources and resource use those resources to achieve goals. Entrepreneurs who succeed in the long run must have a sense of responsibility for the work done. The ability to bear the business risks such as: financial risk, engineering risks arise occasionally, so entrepreneurs should be able to minimize the risk.2. Tolerance for ambiguityWhen the business activities carried out, necessarily want to have to relate to others, either with employees, customers, material suppliers, suppliers of goods, suppliers, community, or the rules of comity. Entrepreneurship should be able to keep and maintain good relations with stakeholders. Diversity for the entrepreneur is something that ordinary hat. The ability to accept diversity is. A hallmark of entrepreneurship in order to maintain the viability of a business or enterprise in the long run.3. VisionSuccessful entrepreneurs always have goals, clear objectives must be achieved in the future are measured. Vision is the philosophy, goals and motivation of why the company alive, and entrepreneurs will translate into the goals, policies, budgets, and working procedures are clear. Entrepreneurial vision of the future are not clear like the people who run without a clear direction, so that very high tendency to fail.4. Tolerance for failurerSuccessful business requires hard work, sacrifice Balk time cost and effort. Entrepreneurs who are familiar with the creativity and innovation are sometimes or even often experience failure. A long process in achieving that success will improve tolerance to failure of the business personality.5. Internal locus of controlIn humans there is the ability to control ourselves internally affected by ourselves. Entrepreneurs who excel are those that have the ability to control themselves from within itself. The severity of the pressures of life, binis competition, rapid change in the business world will increase the psychological pressure Balk mentally, and morally in everyday life. Entrepreneurs who are able to control themselves will be able to survive in an increasingly complex business world.6. Continuous ImprovementSuccessful entrepreneurs are always positive, regard the experience as something worthwhile and make continuous improvement. Employers always mencarihal new stuff that will provide benefits balk in the short and long term. Entrepreneurs have the energy, desire to engage in innovative adventure that will bring beneficial consequences in the future.7. Preference for moderate risk.In life trying, always dealing with the intensity of entrepreneurial risk. The nature of entrepreneurship in the face of risk can be classified into three kinds of properties to take the risk, ie risk seeking (people who like the high risk), moderate risk (those who have properties like taking risks are), and risk averse (a trait like to avoid the risk ) In general, successful entrepreneur who has the ability to choose a moderate risk / moderate, at which time a decision requires careful consideration, this is in line with the entrepreneurial risk that if a failure on their own responsibility. Entrepreneurial will see a business with a level of personal understanding that are tailored to environmental change (Zimmerer, and Scarborough, 1998)8. Confidence in Their abilities to success.Entrepreneurs generally have a fairly high confidence on the ability to succeed. They have a high confidence to meiakukan lot with balk and successful. They tend to be optimistic on the chances of success and optimism, usually based on reality. Without the confidence and trust to succeed to the challenge will lower the morale of doing business.9. Desire for immediate feedback.Rapid developments in the life menunut business entrepreneurs to quickly anticipate changes that occur in order to survive and thrive. Entrepreneurs in general have a desire to get a response or feedback to a problem. Competition is so strict in demanding business world to think intelligently, quickly respond to change. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to find out how well it works and seek recognition for continuous achievement.10. High energy levelEntrepreneurs in general have a high enough energy in conducting business activities in line with the risk that he would go through. Entrepreneurs have the passion or energy that is high enough compared to most people. Risk to be borne alone encourage entrepreneurs to work hard and within a period of time. Passionate and able to use the power of motion, tenacious perseverance and not easily discouraged.11. Future orientationProfit business that encourages entrepreneurial always uncertainsee opportunities, appreciate the time and orientation of the future. Entrepreneurs have a tendency to see what will be done today and tomorrow, not so concerned what was done yesterday. Unggui entrepreneur always trying to predict future changes in order to improve business performance.12. Skill at organizingBuilding a business from scratch requires the ability to organize resources in the form of tangible economic resources and the intangible economic resource for maximum benefit. Entrepreneurial organizations have expertise in conducting Balk people and goods. Entrepreneurial ability is superior when it has a portfolio of high enough resources to survive and thrive.13. High CommitmentBring up a new business requires a high commitment to succeed. Discipline in work and in general entrepreneurs immerse themselves in these activities to the success of his ideals. Scarborough, et.all (2006) reveals step, the final step to enhance the creativity of an entrepreneur is the driving entrepreneurial "work, work, work, ...."14. FlexibilityRapid change in business requires entrepreneurs to be able to adjust to the changes if it wants to succeed. Ability to adapt to environmental changes is the basic capital in the attempt, grow and succeed. Flexibility in touch with colleagues such as the ability to adjust to the behavior of other entrepreneurs, the ability to negotiate with colleagues to reflect the competence of entrepreneurial excellence.



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