Monday, October 17, 2011

An Entrepreneur Success Stories

Good Morning Everyone.
Yesterday I was less active in providing motivation to you all.
Due to today's busy changing the template on the blog.
Both on this occasion I will explain the story of one of Singapore's success but he was once ridiculed his friends because he is stupid and ridiculed rather terbelangkang mentally.
I'll start him when he named Adam Khoo in elementary school he was teased because he was so stupid he's always in the lower ranks, and at the junior high there is still no change.
Finally, his parents put him on a course well known in Singapore and after entering the program he progressed very rapidly and in junior high he ranks first, and he received in high school famous in Singapore and the famous University of Singapore and now in the age of 26 years he has 4bisnis with a turnover of U.S. $ 20 million.
So once again let me emphasize to you that entrepreneurship does not require skill and if you are ridiculed by someone make such taunts as motivation. 

Hail Success

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