Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Phases of Goal Setting.

Sorry lately I have not been able to give yag latest article because I was busy.
This is my hand was itching because it does not provide motivation to all of you.
On this occasion I will give you motivation to all.
Well my friends would give the phases of goal setting.
1. You should set your goals.
2. You should collect information relating to your goals.
3. Plan the steps / actions
4. Estimating barriers / reduce such risks.
5. Determine the funding / financial resources available.
6. Conducting activities through concrete activities.
7. Conduct the evaluation.
That's the goal-setting phases. Please try this then your goal will be achieved, but on condition you do it all seriously.
Hail Success.

Thank's, You read my article: The Phases of Goal Setting.


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