Saturday, October 29, 2011

Product Management

Good night all.I will be a variety of science on you all about the science of product management in his article that I can # Product_ManagementHere's his articleProduct development: means to offer new or improved products for this market. By knowing what the current market needs, companies can see how to add or modify product features, creating multiple levels of quality, or add more types or sizes to better satisfy customers while seeking, as well, to expand.Product Management agreement by bringing together all the strings that transform ideas to products. "Product" does not refer to any tangible goods, intangible products like software also comes under the category. A Product Manager (PDM) normally work with a number of teams and co-ordinates with various channels throughout the product development life cycle. It all started with a product idea. Now this idea may be a need for market / customer, or something completely new. Usually there are three channels from which ideas can come from: 1. Market / Customers - Sales teams to talk with customers and trying to get their needs. Experts envision the product requirements may be needed in the future or that gives the product a competitive advantage. 2. Product Roadmap - Product Roadmap is a prioritized list of features that need to be built for a specific product. Features constantly changing priorities and it is the responsibility of the PDM to make a decision to make features for development. 3. Innovation - Innovation cells in agreement with the company come up with new ideas to make their products more attractive and competitive. Once an idea decided to be taken for development, PDM and then describes the feature requirements and develop documents such as Product Requirements Document (PRD), Functional Specification Document (FSD), etc. The document is shared with all stakeholders are required to sign-off requirements / specifications. Once completed, the life cycle moves into the development stage. The PDM works very closely with the development and quality assurance teams and ensure that the team is really aware of what will be developed and how users will interact with the product. After construction is completed and checked the quality, the products are ready to be released. Usually, this release does not go to the customer directly, he went to the sales team which, in turn, give demonstrations to customers. After sufficient validation and demonstration of the features in the "Sandbox", the product improved / new releases to market.

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