Monday, December 5, 2011

Factors affecting Successful Entrepreneurship

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On this occasion I will post my article on the factors for success in entrepreneurship.
1. The existence of an idea. Once again the idea is very influential in entrepreneurship if you are a brilliant idea memilliki you please try setting up a business.
2. The existence of the will. In entrepreneurship will also very influential for success inentrepreneurship.
3. The existence of time. Time is also very influential in entrepreneurship inentrepreneurship we should take our time to entrepreneurship.
Maybe that's all I can give you all this may still lacking, if there is a lack I will post again.
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Thank's, You read my article: Factors affecting Successful Entrepreneurship


gang tutorial said...

amankan pertamana gan......

Prasetyo Ingin Sukses said...

Maksudnya gimana gan ?
Maaf gan baru bisa bls soalnya lagi sibuk kuliah.

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